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Aloha Group 是一家香港的初創科技公司,尋找那些充滿激情和高度靈活性的人




Aloha Group Limited是由一群數位營銷專家組成的香港初創科技公司,主要研發有關搜索引擎優化平台,並多次榮獲搜尋器優化及數字營銷相關獎項。

我們原為香港科學園培育計劃 (Incu-App) 的成員,在2018年8月獲晉升至更高級別的培育計劃(Incu-Tech),並已於2020年2月29日畢業。同年被邀請加入香港科學園的企業加速計劃。



Aloha is a Hong Kong multi-time award winning SEO and digital marketing tech company with digital provisions ranging from organic search (SEO), paid media campaign management (SEM, Programmatic Display, Social, Video) and SaaS SEO Platform Technology.

With a strong backing under Hong Kong Science Park’s Leading Enterprises Acceleration Programme (LEAP) and recent recognition under Deloitte’s Technology Fast 2021, we aim to multiple our growth by cultivating bright and like-minded talent to add to our team to continue our momentum!

We are looking for those with great passion and high adaptability who are excited to join this industry of demand. We strive for productivity, efficiency, and work-life balance. In return, you will be provided with competitive pay and benefits, regional exposures, and a range of development opportunities across the digital landscape.

If you are looking for an environment to spearhead your digital career, do not hesitate to reach out to us today!

公司成員 ( 1 / 2 )

Gordon Lee

Bonnie Leung

Gordon Lee Senior Manager, Product & SEO

Over 10 years experiences in managing digital marketing campaigns of large scale corporations and businesses. Expert on technical SEO and website tracking.

Bonnie Leung Account Director, Media Unit

9+ years in digital advertising, media planning/buying and strategic planning. Familiar with cross-culture working with working experience in Hong Kong, Seoul and Taipei.



Aloha是植根於夏威夷文化的詞,通常被用作問候和愛的表達。 這個詞在自然界合理交流的文化中也具有更深的含義。

Aloha這個詞鞏固了我們的文化基礎,因為我們將SEO作為一種方法讓我們的客戶迎向世界 - 讓我們的客戶向他們的線上受眾打招呼。

What does Aloha mean

Aloha, a word rooted in the Hawaiian culture, is commonly utilized as a greeting and as an expression of love.

Aloha sets the foundation as we develop our own SEO technology to enable digital transformation for our clients to greet the world in the digital space –  to say “aloha” to their online audience using natural website reach.


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