(Senior) Integrated Marketing Specialist / (資深)整合行銷專員

Pinkoi 辦公室


Pinkoi.com, a leading online marketplace for unique and original design goods in Asia, is looking for an integrated marketing specialist based in Taiwan.

Job Highlights

  1. Plan, organize and implement digital promotional campaigns.
  2. Good cross-functional and cross-regional team work.  
  3. Good with numbers.
  4. Passionate for local and overseas designs and e-commerce.
  5. Self-starter, energetic, creative curation, problem-solver and well-organized.


  1. Plan, organize and implement digital promotional campaigns regardless of themes, categories, user personas, and regions in Asia. 
  2. Execute and monitor the performance of (global / regional) marketing campaigns, and prepare related reports and analysis.
  3. Develop new buyer acquisition strategies based on external sales trends and user behavior for global campaigns.
  4. Keep abreast of international market trends through research and analysis and provide suggestions with new insights.
  5. Cowork with cross-functional team (e.g. engineering, visual designers and designer relation).


Essential Requirements

  1. Familiar with e-commerce and online shopping trends.
  2. Good command of spoken and written English and Chinese.
  3. Bachelor’s degree in marketing, journalism or related disciplines, or at least 3 years of relevant work experience.
  4. Ability to produce creative copywriting and campaign curation. Experience of leading projects and familiar with social media, advertising and own media.
  5. Proven record of leading new user acquisition projects. 
  6. Ability to integrate resources, communicate and work effectively as a team player in a multicultural environment.
  7. Strong data analysis skill. Ability to set up metrics and be responsible for revenue targets. Solid knowledge in Google Analytics and any other analytics tool is an advantage.

Highly desirable

  1. Passionate for local and overseas designs. Experience in the cross-border e-commerce/marketing industry, especially in Asian markets.
  2. Participate in partnership projects.
  3. Participate in the CRM or Loyalty Program plan.
  4. Online shopaholic.

Join us and become a Pinkoist

Please send your resume and attach the following documents:

  1. Your resume in English. (including expected salary)
  2. Your cover letter in English.
  3. Imagine you are the Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist and propose upcoming marketing campaigns in July 2022. Organize a Summer Campaign for 3 regions (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan) based on customer behaviors, SNS plans, and collaborative strategies in order to reach company GMV goal at USD 5,000,000 and an increase of new buyers at YOY30%.

We will only notify suitable candidates for an interview. Thank you!







★ Pinkoi 提供優質福利及環境 ★

  • 培養靈感與創意的泉源:
    • 優於法令的特休假(最低 15 天起跳,加入第一天即可享有比例給予的天數)
    • Pinkoist 專屬假期(Pinkoi Holidays),例如我們不用補班且 12/31 放假。
    • 信任專業、支持彈性遠端工作(Working from home/anywhere)
    • 在 Pinkoi 我們推崇自律與效率,不加班就能完成負責的工作,甚至更多
  • 重視個人與團隊表現及成長發展:
    • 績效評鑑與獎金制度
    • 專業能力進修補助
    • 和 Pinkoi 一起挑戰國際舞台,走出舒適圈
    • 與優秀的團隊成員共事,一起快速成長
  • 開放多元且重視協作的工作氛圍:
    • 友善平權職場,各項福利與假期不受傳統框架限制
    • 每季舉辦跨地區全員工大會(Town-hall)
    • 日常隨時有好玩的事情和活動
    • 支持直接表達,不論對象是隊友、主管或是創辦人
  • 安心保障&團隊交流:
    • 員工團險、年度健檢
    • 年度員工旅遊
    • 團隊聚餐、社團補助
  • 其他你可能會在意的日常:
    • 基本配備使用 Apple 全系列電腦
    • 瑞士全自動咖啡機,隨時享受優質的咖啡時光
    • 每週一早上有免費外送咖啡,幫你補充滿滿一星期的能量
    • 辦公室隨時備有各式零食與飲料
  • 漂亮舒適的辦公環境:
    • 2021 年全新啟用的 D.Lab 空間
    • 辦公地點位於台北市,圓山捷運站(花博公園)附近,交通方便

關於 Pinkoi 的更多細節,歡迎你來面試的時候我們再詳聊 !

★ 你是人才,但是找不到相關職缺 ★

沒關係,歡迎來信,附上履歷,同時分享你覺得很複雜、很有挑戰性,普遍一般人不懂,但是你有深刻專業認識的一件事情,而這件事情可以讓 Pinkoi 更好,讓我們可以更認識你。有合適者,我們會主動通知。


NT$ 600,000 - 800,000 (年薪)