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About Us

At AmazingTalker, we build a platform that empowers anyone to learn any languages with online tutors. Since 2016 we have grown rapidly, amassing over 500,000 users across the globe. We are a Taiwan-based company who has become a world-class startup, but we have only achieved 1% of what we are capable of! Visit amazingtalker.com to learn more about us.

About the Team

Teams at AmazingTalker strive to strike a measured balance between getting things done effectively and long term scalability. We keep things tight, with no big egos, promote a high data-informed approach, and welcome self-driven professionals to come and join in on the adventure.

As a member of the Spanish Marketing Team, you'll play a significant role in boosting AmazingTalker's presence in relevant online search results to earn more leads, sales, and revenue.

If you can deliver good performances and show that you are eager to learn and specialize in content marketing, SEO, and copywriting, we’ll be happy to offer you a full-time position as an SEO and content marketing manager, shall you achieve the goals in the deadline.

About the Role

The SEO & copywriting intern will be responsible for shaping how we reach and interact with our users through the power of writing, creating inspiring and compelling content that demonstrates how AmazingTalker can help teach or learn a new language.

This includes optimising the Spanish website through copywriting and translating, as well as writing blog articles about learning languages.

You will be the owner of the overall SEO strategy. You must be highly data-driven and comfortable justifying your decisions quantitatively.

The role will be based in our Taiwan office.

Responsibilities include:

  • Using copywriting skills to optimize the Spanish website
  • Understanding the core knowledge and logic of SEO
  • Learning about our successful SEO strategies in Taiwan and Hongkong and replicating it within the Spanish market
  • Performing keyword research
  • Performing on-page SEO optimizations
  • Creating a blog for the Spanish market
  • Optimizing the overall SEO performances through different marketing strategies
  • Providing outstanding customer service

Tools that you will learn to use:

  • WordPress (creating a blog)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Keyword Planner

Required skills:

  • Excellent written skills in Spanish: you can easily write both Spanish from Spain (tú y sus conjugaciones) and Latin American Spanish (usted y sus conjugaciones)
  • Learns fast

Extra bonus skills (not required but it's a plus):

  • Good research skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Self-motivated with the skill and discipline necessary to work with minimal supervision
  • SEO
  • Google Ads

Your Journey at AmazingTalker

During the 1st month, you will:

  • Optimize the Spanish website by using copywriting skills
  • Translate missing parts of the Spanish website
  • Gain knowledge of our past and current SEO strategies, both success and failure stories.
  • Gain knowledge of the competitive landscape in your target market.
  • Formulate the SEO strategies in your target market and discuss them with the Spanish market Director.

After that, you will:

  • Build a cohesive strategy for SEO with a focus on brand awareness, lead and enrolment generation
  • Create an SEO roadmap that outlines the prioritized action items for implementing your digital marketing search engine strategy. It includes detailed tactics, tasks, and deadlines.
  • Write an article a week according to the users’ needs.
  • Use data and metrics to report on the results of growth efforts and use what is learned to adjust and plan future work
  • Develop a career growth plan and goals with the manager

We're looking for:

  • A good writer with strong desire to learn, execute, and drive impact
  • A self leader who can work independently in a fast-changing environment
  • Ability to balance moving fast and depth of analysis. You know what needs to be analysed and what doesn’t.
  • Great ability to communicate data into relevant insight. You know how to tell a story, with a beginning and a conclusion from the data.
  • Highly agile, have a growth mindset
  • Good time-management skills, with the ability to multi-task and pivot quickly when required.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity.
  • Junior applicants with no digital marketing background may apply


  • Work in the office in Xinzhuang (New Taipei City) at least 5h per day, from 14:00 - 19:00.
  • Salary = 15,000 - 20,000 (depending on the experience)



  • Gaining a better understanding of complex topics including content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and website development.
  • Working at an international start-up and scale up the business in the Spanish-speaking market
  • Opportunity to create impact on the lives of hundreds thousands language learners around the world
  • Online courses allowance on AmazingTalker


Must have:

  • You are a Spanish-native speaker.
  • Ability to communicate in English. (Both written and spoken)
  • Ability to communicate in Mandarin Chinese is a plus.
  • Student Visa or Working Visa (if you have ARC you may also apply)







  • 週休二日、國定假日連休不補班
  • 15天的特休假,每年增加一天
  • 女性同仁每月生理假 1 天
  • 彈性上下班時間(上班 10:00 - 12:00 ;下班 19:00 - 21:00)


  • 室內健身設備、瑜珈教室、豪華按摩椅
  • 吃不完的零食、飲料和健康食品
  • 每晚 7 點提供免費營養晚餐
  • 沙發、懶骨頭、PS4 電動隨時放鬆
  • 有一隻公司貓『啤啤』偶爾會撒嬌


  • 距離捷運『新北產業園區站』走路 1 分鐘路程
  • 佔地 400 坪辦公室
  • 配備人體工學辦公椅、27吋大屏幕
  • 站桌、昇降桌隨時使用


  • 不定期舉辦員工聚餐、員工旅遊、運動、桌遊活動
  • 提供內部線上外語課程補貼、外部課程和書籍補助


  • 薪資架構每年 14 個月
  • 按工作表現每半年到一年加薪
  • 員工股權認購


NT$ 200 - 200 (時薪)


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*Only applications submitted through the following link will b...
*Only applications submitted through the following link will b...
*Only applications submitted through the following link will b...