Firmware Engineer ( Firmware, BLE LoRa, Xbee, System & IoT ) - 單晶片韌體工程師



● 應用於醫療、工業用氣體感測器控制系統之韌體研發。
● 負責產品控制單元的主控制器、電源管理、人機介面、遙控模組、通訊介面的韌體 開發及維護。
● 提供硬體設計與問題分析必要的技術支援。
● 主要使用STM32 系統


Basic Qualifications

The candidate will be responsible for developing firmware for wireless IoT devices running on resource limited microcontroller(ST series). The IoT device controls its sensors and exchanges information with a gateway over a wireless network, minimizing the power consumption of individual peripherals and communication protocol stacks. This will include developing applications that run on top of lightweight operating systems to coordinate the operations of various sensors, flash memory, and communication module. The candidate will also work with testing team to ensure the integrity and reliability of the device operation.

Desired Qualifications:
• Experience must be between 2-6 years.
• Must have experience in Bluetooth Low Energy/Zigbee/IoT area especially in Firmware development.
• Strong experience and knowledge in C/C++/Python
• Strong Computer Science fundamentals in object-oriented design, data structures and complexity analysis
• Experience on Bluetooth classic profiles such as HFP/A2DP/MAP/HID and BLE GATT profiles is highly desired.
• Bluetooth Software debugging experience with Bluetooth sniffer tools, protocol analyzers
• Experience with Linux Inter-process Communication(IPC) & Multi-threading programming.
• Experience with version control & continuous integration tools: Git/repo
• Experience with ARM Cortex-M, Linux, & Multi-threading programming.
• Good to have low level software debugging skills using gdb, emulators, JTAG etc


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