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CYBAVO is a blockchain security solution provider that helps institutions secure digital assets. On the blockchain, where loss of data means real loss of value, organizations need a comprehensive solution to manage and protect the most crucial part of the puzzle– their private keys. This is exactly what CYBAVO offers: a platform that delivers advanced tools and features to help developers, crypto exchanges, or TradFi institutions harness the power of blockchain technology, and build on Web3 in a reliable, secure manner.
CYBAVO products are trusted by renown brands in Asia and throughout the world, including top crypto exchange platforms in Taiwan like ACE, Bito and Maicoin, and other leading organizations in crypto’s diverse ecosystem.
The CYBAVO team can be found around the globe at its office locations in Taipei, Singapore, and Luxembourg.


We’re Open & Transparent
We value open communication and stand by transparent decision-making. Our leaders and colleagues alike foster an environment where learning is encouraged, speaking up is celebrated, and discussions are usually how we find the best solutions…and if you meet any of our team members, ask them–they’ll vouch for it!


Everything Starts With Integrity
We have created a brand that our customers trust. As representatives of this brand, we hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards, and strive to adhere to them at all times. We believe in doing what is right by our customers, our colleagues, and our communities, even if it means that the road to success is longer or harder.


We Get the Work Done
We are pioneers in this nascent industry. We provide confidence to our customers that no matter how the industry’s landscape evolves, we back them up and help them protect assets, scale business, and achieve success. We know that delivering high-quality and reliable technology is always our most important mission–and we make it happen. This is what makes us confidently stand out.


We’ve Got You Covered
We believe that the best experience a company can offer is a collaborative workplace, camaraderie among colleagues, and a visionary management team. Nonetheless, we keep our feet on the ground when it comes to perks and benefits. Here are some additional privileges our employees enjoy: 

  • Training - Not just “regular training”. We are in a fast moving space where staying on top of market trends and technologies is critical to our success. Our expert-developed and curated training programs are specific and relevant to the crypto and digital asset industry. 
  • Discretionary Paid Time Off - In addition to your vacation days, we let you take what you need beyond that as long as it works for you and your team. 
  • Remote First - As a global organization, we sit across various time zones. We stay connected online through Slack and online team building activities. Offline, we also have a spacious, welcoming, and open office for our Taipei-based team. Don’t worry, after we land on the Moon, we will still be a remote-first company!
  • Only the Best for the Best - Some say these are nice to have, but we think a comfortable working environment can only help our team’s success. We offer all employees MacBook Pros, while our office provides standing desks, ergonomic chairs and more.  
  • Mobile Phone and Home Office Reimbursements - We understand the reality of being a remote-first company: We offer monthly mobile phone stipend and home office setup reimbursement, allowing you to create the working environment that suits you.
  • Referral Bonus - We’ve already hired you as you are the best. Why not motivate you to bring the best talents that you know to join us? For each successful referral, we offer a USD $10,000 referral bonus. 

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