Contribulet 是一間成立於 2016 年的新創公司,致力於將企業與非營利組織媒合以創造雙贏,目前主要以美國市場為主。如果你認同我們的理念,歡迎一起加入,沿途的風景與...



Contribulet 是一間成立於 2016 年的新創公司,致力於將企業與非營利組織媒合以創造雙贏,目前主要以美國市場為主。如果你認同我們的理念,歡迎一起加入,沿途的風景與經驗絕對讓你獲益良多!

Fundraising has never been an easy task. With Contribulet, you can now raise funds simply by shopping at the local restaurants and stores online without attending to a specific event.

Contribulet identifies those stores that are willing to make contributions by selling vouchers on our platform and donating a portion of those sales to the fundraising programs choosen by the customers

Contribulet is a platform that enables members of the community to help support organizations through fundraising. We forge a closer bond between members of the community, its schools, and local businesses in the area.
Whether you are a fundraiser, a consumer or a business owner, Contribulet provides you an easy way to support your community.

公司成員 ( 1 / 5 )

Kyle Pi

Steve Onishi

Amy Hung

Kevin Hsiao

Eric Lo

Kyle Pi Founder and CEO

In 2016, Kyle founded, an online fundraising platform that helps organizations and businesses join together to raise funds for good causes. Kyle has been an entrepreneur and a business strategist since 2012. His first business, PM2 Kitchen - an online marketplace, helps local people in San Jose sell and market their homemade food online. Born and raised in Taiwan, Kyle moved to the U.S in 2002 to pursue higher education. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from UC Riverside. The idea of creating a fundraising platform comes from Kyle’s involvement in different non-profit organizations since his school years. He wants to provide new technology to help all non-profit groups raise money for their good causes. Through his experiences as a fundraiser, he realized that the traditional fundraising event has not been very efficient for smaller organizations who don’t have enough resources to put up a successful event. He then created Contribulet so that people can make donations anytime at their local stores without attending to a specific fundraising event. With this tool, fundraisers are now able to not only raise funds more easily but also build relationships with local businesses and form a better, stronger, more friendly community. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing. He lives with his family in San Jose, California.

Steve Onishi Business Development Director

Steve joined in September 2017. He is a senior business leader with deep experience in both Marketing and Project Management. His past companies include Becton Dickinson, Johnson & Johnson, and Boston Scientific. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Steve received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his M.B.A. from the Hass School of Business in Berkeley, California. Over the past several years, Steve has pursued his passion for helping others through Rotary. He has facilitated a widely-recognized job search group and has volunteered on numerous community projects. Steve is currently a Co-Chair of the Vocational Services Committee – one of Rotary’s Avenues of Service. In his spare time, Steve enjoys hiking, traveling to foreign destinations, and photography. He lives with his family in Cupertino, California.

Amy Hung Marketing

Graduated from Michigan State University, Amy has 6+ years of experiences in Marketing and Advertising. She specialized in traditional and digital advertising, media planning, marketing planning and execution, and website design. She joined Contribulet in 2016.

Kevin Hsiao Software Development manager


Eric Lo Senior Software Developer



Here at Contribulet, we believe every little drop counts, and the foundation of a better community is to support each other economically. We want to create a system where fundraising is the link among us that keeps us closer, helps us grow awareness, makes our community a friendly environment.





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- 盡力輔導職業生涯規劃。
- 提供每年三次,與工作有關的進修,會議,資訊展等等的費用。
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