Junior Inbound SDR (Sales Development Representative)



It's a junior SDR position, so we don't expect you have any sales related experience.

It's a path toward high salary sales job. If you perform well, you may directly report to the VP of Sales, Scott Tretsky, who is based in LA.

There will be performance bonus for this role. 

【About the role】
The Sales Development Representative is responsible for sourcing new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound cold calls, emails, and social media for the US region. Must be able to work during the US work hours(12pm - 9am Taiwan time).

【Task of the role】
- Qualify the inbound sales leads by phones/emails and successfully have the qualified leads attend demos with our sales team.
- Using tools and technologies to improve process efficiency and periodically reviewing and updating our customer relationship management (CRM) system, Pipedrive.

【Opportunity to be promoted to outbound SDR】

- Execute prospect attack campaigns (e.g. cold-calling, email, social media...etc.) to target white space sales leads to generate demo for Account Executives.
- Maintain active engagement with new and existing leads through creative follow-up communications designed to increase customer interest in GoFreight.
- Assesses competitors by analyzing and summarizing competitor information and trends; identifying sales opportunities.
- Conduct in-depth market research to expand and manage the database of prospects within assigned territory to inform attacking strategy

【About you】
We are looking for high-energy, driven professionals with sound business acumen, strong technical aptitude and natural sales instincts to join our Sales organization as a Sales Development Representative. You will gain experience interacting with clients of all levels, in a high potential logistics industry, and selling GoFreight product suites.


- Excellent oral and written communications in English

- Extremely high moltivation to become the best in the industry

- Extroverted and like to talk to people

【Nice to have】

- SDR or sales related experience
- Experience selling into the US
- Strong phone presence and experience dialing dozens of calls per day
- Ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage time effectively
- Strong problem solving ability

- Professional knowledge of terminology, trends and concepts of logistics or freight forwarding
- Native speaker of English who can also speak Chinese well







 - 良好工作環境,扁平組織,透明的公司文化
 - 公司提供筆電及測試機,陪你一起高效工作
 - 有需要可配置二個以上螢幕,讓你效率提升
 - 備有研磨咖啡機與膠囊咖啡機,隨你喝到飽
 - 吃不完的零食、點心與飲料,幫你補充能量
 - 全新裝潢辦公室,激發無限創意,等你參觀
 - 舒適高級的人體工學椅,坐一整天都不疲累
 - 工時彈性,鼓勵有效率處理完公事準時下班
 - 不定期 Happy Hour,聚餐慰勞辛苦的大家
 - 推薦優秀人才進公司,相互交流,也有獎金


NT$ 45,000 - 80,011 (月薪)


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