Frontend Developer 前端工程師 (年薪破百)


OpenNet Limited is an IT services provider to emerging markets mainly across Africa. ...

名稱: OpenNet

地區:臺灣 台北




Candidate Profile

● Passion with new tech. Prefer clean code. Be able to work independently.
● The candidate will have a great understanding of Javascript.
● The candidate will have great communication skill.

Key Responsibilities

● Develop mobile-friendly frontends wap and desktop size web.
● Focus on performance and user experience.
● Create frontends for the backend management systems.
● Participate in code reviews with peers and managers to ensure that each increment adheres to original vision as described in the user story and all standard resource libraries and architecture patterns as appropriate.
● Participate in all team ceremonies including planning, grooming, product demonstration and team retrospectives.
● Mentor less experienced technical staff; may use high end development tools to assist or facilitate development process.


Skills and Educational / Qualification Requirements

● Experience with one of Vue, React, Angular
● Familiar with Git, ES6, Webpack, Less or Sass
● Familiarity with state management like Vuex, Redux, Ngrx
● You do not need to have perfect English but you need to be able to understand written/spoken English.

Tech Stack

● Vue + Vuex + Vue Router + Webpack + Less
● Element UI
● FreeMarker


+ 提供全新高規格筆電設備 ( MBP 或Dell XPS )
+ 彈性上下班時間
( 自由調配工作時間,不晚於10點上班,工時8小時/天,不鼓勵加班,加班需事先得到主管核准)
+ 年薪13個月
+ 績效獎金
+ 團建歡樂活動 ( 跑跑卡丁車﹑雷射槍對戰遊戲...等 )
+ 健身房會員
+ 生日禮金
+ 三節獎金不能少 ( 春節 / 端午 / 中秋 )
+ 年度健康檢查
+ 隨你吃的零食和飲料
+ 週五歡樂吧~啤酒時間!
+ 免費加班晚餐 ( 19:30後起算)
+ 教育訓練補助
+ 首年到職即可享有10天特休 ( 三年以下10天、三年以上15天...等 )

....持續列表中,等你來建議 : D


NT$ 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 (年薪)


Candidate Profile ● The successful candidate will hav...
Candidate Profile ● The successful candidate will be a...
Candidate Profile ● The successful candidate will have...
OpenNet is a technology company that’s building a new tea...
Candidate Profile ● The successful candidate will be a...