Origami Labs


來自香港的 ORII 致力於開發兼具科技、實用與時尚的智慧裝置,化繁為簡,為未來生活帶來更直覺的解決方案。



Origami Labs is an innovative technology startup based in Hong Kong that tackles interesting problems and makes products that impact the world.
We make ORII, the world’s first smart ring that uses voice interface technology to send messages and make phone calls discreetly and stylishly. Designed to help individuals and professional teams communicate in screen free ways, ORII launched globally in 2017 and garnered 300+ media mentions, including, TechCrunch, Engadget, Mashable, The Verge, GQ, and Hypebeast.


We founded Origami Labs to bring together energetic, pioneering people to build ground-breaking products and services.


The idea for ORII all began with our CEO Kevin's father, Peter. Peter is visually-impaired and requires screen-free alternatives to interact with technology. ORII was inspired by this urgent need to make the world simpler and to make technology more accessible for everyone.

ORII began as a few friends from HKUST's MBA program, working long nights in coffee shops to create the initial prototypes of the ring. Since then, our team has rapidly grown to include many diverse minds, all working towards a common goal of changing the way people communicate.


- You will work at a shared office space in Taipei
- 14 days annual leave, on a contractor employment basis
- You will be working with Shyne, Head of Development

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