Phase的使命是幫助人們「Enjoy Being Creative」;其軟體產品讓設計師不需寫程式,即可為網站和應用程式創建和設計互動式界面。

德國 柏林 Schicklerstr. 5-7 10179 Berlin, GermanySchicklerstr. 5-7 10179



Phase is a visual and intuitive digital design tool, reworked for the new age — we want to help you enjoy being creative. 

We're an English-speaking, international team split between Taipei and Berlin. 

The Creative Process — that root of our passion and joy as designers. It’s oh so hard to describe, that feeling when your ideas take on an energy of their own. When your creativity starts to flow. Words fall short.
It’s the electricity we feel when we design. It’s what hooked us. It’s embedded in our DNA. It makes us — designers — who we are.

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We work hard to turn our culture into real-world practice, rather than just posters on the wall. 

We talk about culture every week, with every member of our team, working hard to practically improve our implementation in the real-world and squash "culture bugs" when we find them.


We work semi-remote. 

We have an office near Taipei Main Station, where we meet ~1-2 times/week when we need a whiteboard and some face-time. It's important to collaborate in the same room, sometimes. 

But most days you'll find us working remotely, from our home or a coffee shop, after a Slack-standup each morning.

Shared Ownership

This is all of our company. A lot of companies say that, but at Phase we put it into practice with open, transparent, and as fair-as-possible Shared Ownership across our whole team. You can't be transparent if you're not being fair — and if you're being fair, there's no reason not to be transparent.

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