RetSKU is a business intelligence platform focused on consumer product companies that s...


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RetSKU is a business intelligence platform focused on consumer product companies that sell through traditional “brick & mortar” retailers. We collect data on the four pillars of retail: distribution, pricing, shelving and merchandising and provide actionable market insights to these companies.

In addition, RetSKU is a vertically integrated business intelligence and analytics platform that integrates this competitive intelligence data with brand’s point of sale (POS) data, market share, promotional effectiveness etc. and analyzes / provide insights to develop strategy, react to competition, improve brand performance, understand and analyze consumer feedback, improve promotional effectiveness and drive new product launches.

RetSKU comes pre-configured with retail specific dashboards/reports and let's CPG companies answer questions such as health of business, why sales were up/down last week, competitive landscape, effect of promotions etc by aggregating, searching, connecting and analyzing large amounts of data from a variety of sources, including in-store competitive information provided by RetSkU.

We are being seed funded by brands/retailers. Also, Check us out on We’ve been accepted into a leading accelerator program in New York city and have stable revenue.


We provide competitive intelligence / landscape data and actionable insights for brand manufacturers by collecting, integrating, analyzing and interpreting data.

Our differentiator is a workflow / rules engine and predictive analysis platform that provides brands with reports on fluctuations in business drivers (such as sales up/down) and most important reasons for such change (e.g., competitor introduced new product at Target, Walmart and ran a 15% off promotion)

We augments typical information sources, such as POS, market share and promotions with in-store competitive information which explains who has shelf space, what are the retails, what price changes have taken place, what in-store promotions are going on, etc.


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