東協印度人才創業平台STARTBOARD為台灣最大東協印度創業社群,期望透過資源整合及媒合台灣及東協印度人才及創業idea,打造國際友善之創業Eco-system! 我們在尋...



至今已入選超過15組團隊,包括印度、新加坡、泰國、越南。期望透過資源整合及媒合台灣及東協印度人才及創業idea,打造國際友善之創業Eco-system! 我們在尋找一起打拼的夥伴!

公司成員 ( 1 / 5 )

STARTBOARD創辦人 Uniform Lin

林致孚 Unform Lin


王怡文 Charlotte Wang

Ha Trinh(Ray)

Mahantesh Biradar

Mufid Salim

林致孚 Unform Lin COO

I started 2 years back with team GGC, where we organized a lot of theme night events for different countries and invited international students to come together and share their experience of staying in Taiwan as an International student. At that time STARTBOARD had not even crossed my mind. It was during events like this that I got to meet students from a diverse background, they would discuss their problems of not being able to find a suitable job or staying back in Taiwan after they complete their education. They would discuss their business ideas and be so enthusiastic about starting something in Taiwan but they were faced with many difficulties. They would ask us to help, but at that time we did not have Entrepreneurial Visa so we couldn’t do much but I always felt very disappointed. I felt like these young talents study in Taiwan but we are unable to retain them in our country, it’s a loss for our country if we lose out on foreign talents. Last year when Entrepreneurial Visa started I was ecstatic about it and that’s when I thought of starting STARTBOARD. Along with my colleague Charlotte and an awesome team of young enthusiastic students, we at STARTBOARD look forward to providing our best help and support that we can.

王怡文 Charlotte Wang Senior Manager

I am very blessed to be a part of team STARTBOARD. STARTBOARD is a platform which is unique. When my colleague Uniform briefly discussed it with me I was instantly interested. When he asked me to join I agree almost immediately. STARTBOARD gives an opportunity to young entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and find a place for themselves in the society. I admire the concept and the spirit of this team. Our team consists of young people from a different background which makes us pretty diverse.

Ha Trinh(Ray) Vietnamese Intern

My name is Ray and I am currently studying journalism at Ming Chuan University in Taipei city. My journey with STARTBOARD was much different than that of my colleagues. During GGC and SB’s recruitment period, I was in Philippines and China for my scholarship so I missed chances to join SB team twice. When I got back to Taiwan, I could never have imagined that I got another opportunity to be a part of SB family. And so far, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and gratitude at every step I take together with SB. From SB I learn that nothing is impossible when I put 100% of my heart and mind to the goal I want to achieve and most importantly when I surround myself with such positive, uplifting people from SB who always encourage and support me to turn my dream into life.

Mahantesh Biradar webpage engineer

I’m a Graduate Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Science. My research is focused on the Pharmacogenetics of Diabetes related complications. I’m also the founder of Research Stash. Apart from my research, I’m passionate about Social Media Strategy & Digital Marketing. In my free time, I enjoy Hiking, Photography, and Yoga. I met Uniform at an Indian theme night organized by GGC, its been a great journey at STARTBOARD right from the beginning on a mission to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of ASEAN-Indian talents. At STARTBOARD I’m in-charge of web design & maintenance related activities.

Mufid Salim Indonesia Business Development

After holding theme night events for many different countries, Startboard idea was initiated as a platform for young talents and professionals who want to start a business in Taiwan. Following my service as ambassador in GGC project, I joined in Startboard with the aim to achieve more cross country market expansion and to improve startup ecosystem in Asia-Pacific region. We wish that a collaborative network can be nurtured to share and expand knowledge and facilitate research & development for related projects with multiple communities in the region.





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