UIUX Designer (Tokyo office)



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Mainly UI design and UX design of new retail platform, FACY.Our service is different from fashion EC, and we want to renew the purchasing experience between salespersons and users in offline stores and contribute to the vitality of the fashion industry.

If you are a global startup talent and have a strong desire to deliver innovative services to your users, please feel free to apply.

【Job Description】

・ Service design for FACY products (iOS / Android / mobile web / desktop web)

・ Creative production, direction and management of all brands (organizations and services/VI, Brand-Item, Guideline)





・FACYプロダクト(iOS/Android/モバイル Web/デスクトップ Web)のサービスデザイン

・自社のブランド(組織・サービス)全般のクリエイティブの制作業務、ディレクション、管理(VI, Brand-Item, Guideline)


【Required Qualifications】

・ UI design for web services and apps, design experience over 3 years.

・ Basic operation of applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch.

・ Basic knowledge about mobile UI design.

・ Those who are interested in or interested in various web services in Japan and overseas.

・ Fluent Japanese level (a level that does not hinder designing product designs in Japan).

・ Business level communication skills in English (All members of the product team are foreign nationals)


【Preferred Qualifications】

・ Experience working actively in services such as smartphone apps and web applications.

・ Work experience using Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator.

・ Development experience using prototyping tools.

・ Markup experience with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc.

・ Launch of new business / Experience on growth.

・ Those who are interested in designing the basics of the service or branding the entire service.


【We like to work with people with following qualities...】

・ Those who have high communication skills to work actively.

・ Those who can think and act on their own.

・ Those who like the challenge of new things and enjoy change.




・Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch などのアプリケーションの基本的な操作








・Sketch, Photoshop, Illustratorを用いた実務経験















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