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Company Introduction 公司介紹

Taiwan Nutrition was funded in 2011 with one mission in mind: To build healthier communities by promoting good nutrition and physical activity.

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is the source of a productive and happy society.

We support this believe by educating our community with the latest breakthroughs in nutrition, fitness news, and offering access to a huge catalog of top international and national nutrition brands.

Your nutrition choices affect your health each day. How you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future, comes down to what you eat and how you are using that energy.

Good nutrition is an important habit that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, your diet can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases, and promote your overall health.

Therefore, we work to give people access to knowledge and nutritional products to support their healthy lifestyle.

When you are healthy, you are happy.

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Project Assistance

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“Salute, mi Familia”
The most important thing in life will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now. Salute, mi familia. -- Dominic Toretto, Fast & Furious 5

I couldn’t say it better than Toretto. The moment you step in this room, you become part of “La Familia”.

We look for quality, and not quantity. Our goal is to find the 10 family members to run this company, and to help us achieve our goals we look for individuals who share the following values:

◆保持成長和學習的動力 Motivated to Grow & Learn

Learning shouldn’t stop after you get your “diploma”. Learning should be a daily habit. Learn a new skill, learn music, learn a new language, learn a new sport, learn how to be a better person, but learn something. The moment you stop learning, you are just dying. In an ever-changing workplace, keep your interests in keeping up with new developments and knowledge in the field.

◆了解「問候」的重要性 Understanding the importance of “Greeting”

Greetings are vital to make that first good impression and establish good relationships. It help you set a positive tone for any conversation. You always make a good impression by saying “Good Morning” or “How are you?”. Greetings not only help you in maintaining a good social image but also helps you in your professional life.

◆二加二永遠不會等於五 2+2 will never be 5

Doing the same thing over and over again will never yield a different result, yet we find people who seem determined that two plus two will eventually equal five. The fact is simple, if you want different results, you need to do something different. Stop repeating the same mistakes all over again.

◆良好的適應性 Adaptability

You already live in a world that is in constant change. In fact, you are in constant change. You might haven't noticed it, but you are constantly adapting yourself to your new environment. Your tasks, your responsibilities, and your work will also change and you need to adapt fast. Embrace this change.

◆誠實與正直 Honesty and Integrity

Good relationships are built on trust. Bring your karma points up by showing that we can trust in what you say and in what you do.

◆培養高度的自信心 Strong Self-Confidence

A self-​confident person is someone who inspires others. A self-confident person is not afraid to ask questions on topics where they feel they need more knowledge. This foster a great communication environment. The self-confident person does what he/she feels is right and is willing to take risks. Self- confident people can also admit their mistakes. They recognize their strengths as well as their weaknesses and are willing to work on the latter. Self-confident people have faith in themselves and their abilities which is manifested in their positive attitude and outlook on life.

◆正面積極的態度 Possessing a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude gets the work done and motivates others to do the same without dwelling on the challenges that inevitably come up in any job. You are a game-changer when you share that positive energy with all your team members, and become a role model for others.

◆責任感 Responsibility

Take responsibility of your actions. You are part of a team and your actions affects everyone. Being responsible shows how much you value your job and that you are willing to keep up with your tasks and communicate the things that matter to your teammates.


  1. 個人成長教育補助金。時時刻刻都要學習與成長。
    Self-education scholarship. Always learning and improving.
  2. 健康奶昔、高蛋白飲料、蛋白棒...數不清的美味零食吃到飽。
    All you can eat on our snack bar. Smoothies, protein shakes, protein bars, and more.
  3. 全天候的手沖烘焙咖啡等你一起來享用。如果你想要獲得更多能量與專注力,我們也有提供防彈咖啡 (Bulletproof Coffee)。
    Hand pour fresh roasted Coffee, ready to be served at any time of the day.
    We also have Bulletproof Coffee for those who like to get an extra boost in energy and focus.
  4. 不可缺少的年終獎金。
    End year bonus
  5. 福利基本款不會少的三節禮金。
    3 Special Bonuses
  6. 推薦優秀人才獎金。
    Talent Recommendation Rewards
  7. 基本的勞保、健保、退休金提撥。
    Employee National Insurance and pension.
  8. 員工購物優惠!享折扣,大大滿足
    Employee discount for our products in store.
  9. 沒有任何官僚文化,每一位員工的聲音都一樣重要。扁平的組織,彼此可以輕鬆談話。
    No Bureaucracy. Flat organization with open communication.
  10. 全新又明亮的風水寶地,自然光從大片落地窗照進辦公室,神清氣爽好氣氛。
    New and Bright Feng Shui Style Office. Huge windows and plenty of natural light. Good Energy and Good Vibes.
  11. 開放式的辦公空間,有超大桌子的舒服的椅子。精心設計的桌子把所有惱人的電線藏起來,雙腳再也不會跟電線打架。
    Open style environment with huges tables and comfortable chairs. Tables were specially designed to hide all cables. No more cables running through your feet.
  12. 每年不定期辦各種活動,像是玩VR、聖誕火雞大餐、交換禮物。
    Multiple company activities throughout the year. For example, annual Christmas Dinner party with gift exchange activity.
  13. 中英文交流環境,想讓英文進步?這裡可以幫你一把。
    English and Chinese speaking environment.