Valoso 是一家客戶來自超過20個國家與初創的新時代數位媒體公司,期待您加入我們遍及各國的國際團隊!。



Valoso 是一家客戶來自超過20個國家與初創的新時代數位媒體公司。





We are professional video production company that offers a range of video services, including complete video coverage, live streaming and video editing services for events.

We create content that is not only meaningful and accurate but designed to create movement and emotional connections to your product or service.

We create digital media content such as marketing and video production cheaper and faster with a diverse and global team that utilizes technology and automation.

We also provide freelance video service that lets you find professional media gurus who are eager to bring your vision to life and surpass your expectations.

With teams all over the globe you can get high quality videos made from anywhere in the world. We work with the latest video equipment to ensure seamless video coverage.

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Bobby Lin

Bobby Lin Chief Executive of Valoso

Chief Executive of Valoso


Valoso is the new age digital media partner with with clients from more than 20 countries, and we're a startup.
Growing very rapidly, we currently have 6 offices globally and have cultivated the market with a unique B2B service that replaces traditional advertising agencies and production companies.

Our wide spectrum of services include digital news publishing, social media marketing, video coverage, live streaming, post production (video editing) services, video marketing, and direct marketing campaigns. Due to the advancement of technology, Valoso has cultivated a foundation in the market that is changing the landscape of the current media industry.



Perks of joining us 

.Open & autonomous environment so you can work in a true start-up culture 
.Competitive salary based on your experience 
.Get to work with a global team on a daily basis

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