Content & Email Marketing Writer (preferably native English speaker)


Work with various Digital Marketing teams to create, update and/or edit content for marketing, advertising, and communications, primarily content marketing, copywriting for digital advertising campaigns, B2B brochures, and social media marketing.
Major Duties and Responsibilities:
•Creating compelling content for all marketing communications efforts, primarily focusing on B2B, collateral, content marketing, and digital marketing
•Coordinating with various departments to determine content calendars, interviewing/ communicating with appropriate subject matter experts
•Developing/writing of content marketing pieces for B2C and brochures and marketing pages for B2B audiences
•Creating compelling advertising copy, headlines and key messages
•Writing SEO focused articles for our content library and reaching out to blogs and influencers to promote content
•Partnering with designers to develop infographics and promote them on social media
•Collaborating with the marketing departments to conceptualize and develop new and interesting methods of communicating with our audiences
•Working knowledge of the basics of web and digital marketing analytics, A/B testing and how to apply them to improve content
•Editing and proofreading of copy and marketing materials
•B2B email marketing experience with a focus on solution selling
•Exceptionally strong copywriting abilities
•Experience creating appropriate KPIs and measuring against those to determine success

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•At least 2 years professional writing and communications experience in marketing, business writing and editing, preferably with in-house copywriting roles and/or advertising or brand agency background
•Bachelor’s degree (English, Journalism, Marketing, Mass Communications or related field preferred)
•Exceptional English writing skills, particularly writing content marketing and advertising copy - preferably native English speaker
•Strong editorial judgment; can rapidly absorb ideas and distill them into accessible copy for diverse audiences
•Excellent attention to detail; strong proof-reading skills
•Effective at working with different teams, product lines, and across multiple stakeholders
•Receptive to having work edited by peers; enthusiastically receives and acts on feedback
•Exceptional organizational skills; can handle multiple projects simultaneously, manage complex processes, and meet both short-term and long-term deadlines
•Keen understanding of how graphic design and copy inform one another and a good grasp of social media


ViewSonic規劃符合組織與個人發展之學習方案,讓同仁充分發揮潛能與專業志趣。開放式的組織環境以及自由愉快的工作氣氛,帶領每一位員工盡情揮灑熱情並尋找到屬於自己的絕佳舞台。 具競爭力之薪資制度,公司提供具市場競爭力的薪資制度,並不吝與同仁分享營運上的績優表現。

■ 保障薪資14個月
■ 與績效連結之員工激勵獎金
■ 完善的保險計畫,優於勞基法之福利措施 :
■ 彈性的假勤制度:
■ 周詳的員工保健方案:
■ 優惠的員購機會:
■ 豐富的福委會活動:
■ 獨創的藝文陶冶環境:


NT$ 40,000 - 70,000 (月薪)


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