Your mission:
*Support local, regional and global management team in areas of financial management, analysis, reporting and planning.
*Work on extensive reporting innovations and configurations with advanced tools (SQL, Tableau)
*interpret financials and derive business insights and actions in a fast paced and uncertain environment are key for success of role while ensuring global teams have a clear view on the local status.
*Budgeting - Generate budgets that incorporate strategic business plan objectives and incorporate appropriate assumptions to maximize investments and results.
*Forecasting - Prepare and submit monthly forecast files and relevant variance analysis
*Revenue controlling – Track target revenue on regular basis compared to budget and forecast, recommend corrective actions or improvement projects to drive growth.
*Cost controlling - Track revenue on regular basis compared to budget and forecast.
*Analyzing - Understand key business drivers and Provide accurate, timely, impactful and valuable analysis of variances and reasoning for decision-making.
*Planning - Perform CAPEX investment analysis and evaluation


Your competences include that you
*Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance.
*5 years or above of working experience in finance, accounting, or BIG4 audit firm, accounting credential is a plus
*Able to break down problems into meaningful parts and come to rational and well-thought out conclusions.
*Attention to detail and accuracy.
*Excellent analytical, organizational and problem-solving skills.
*Speak and write Mandarin and English at business level
*results and deadline oriented, able to work independently and work under pressure.
*drive operational excellence through continuous improvements on efficiency and effectiveness.
*Willing to adapt quickly to quick changes in direction.
*Internally motivated to seek out answers, generate ideas, and develop new skills.
*A continuous learner with strong willingness in growth of individual competency





- 生日假、有薪病假等優於勞基法之休假規則



- 彈性上班工時:09:30~10:00 彈性上班,讓你避開人擠人的上下班時間

- 開放的辦公室環境:人性化的辦公室環境,隨意座讓你體驗不同團隊的工作氛圍

- 豐富有趣的共享空間:零食區、飲料咖啡吧、運動區、休閒娛樂區等提供員工在工作之餘能夠交流使用



- 充滿挑戰機會

- 透明暢通的升遷管道

- 開放溝通的組織文化




- 教育訓練

- 部門聚餐

- 健康檢查補助

- 員工訂餐優惠

- 員工特約商店優惠

- 不定期辦公室下午茶

- 優於業界之團體保險保障

- 多元活動:萬聖節派對、電影日、團隊士氣建立活動等…。






一、營運部在做什麼? foodpanda營運部門負責監控管理全台外送團隊的營運狀況,同時協調整合各部門資源以利公司營運...
正職NT$ 30,000 - 36,000 (monthly salary)
1. 餐廳合作夥伴教育訓練 2. 餐廳端客訴案件處理及追蹤 3. 線上/線下專案溝通與協調 4. 維護平台運作,異常狀...
正職NT$ 28,000 - 35,000 (monthly salary)
1. 餐廳合作夥伴後台資訊建立與維護 2. 餐廳合作夥伴菜單數位化,編輯、翻譯與維護 3. 維護平台運作正常,異常狀況處...
正職NT$ 28,000 - 35,000 (monthly salary)
1. 主動接洽餐飲企業,開發地方餐廳並訂立合作方案 2. 開發潛在客戶,拓展新區市場,協助行...
正職NT$ 25,000 - 36,000 (monthly salary)
1.網站版位、影音內容或社群內容等合作提案 2.廣告版位預算分配及數據分析 3.各式製作物品銷售 4.客戶關係經營,根...
正職NT$ 30,000 - 40,000 (monthly salary)
市場評估 1. 洞悉市場發展動態及需求並進行策略分析與研究。 2. 深入瞭解潛在競爭者的市場規模、產品服務、目標客群與商...
正職NT$ 30,000 - 40,000 (monthly salary)
1. 供應商開發、分析與管理 2. 供應商合約談判、價格談判、成本分析 3. 訂單交...
正職NT$ 35,000 - 45,000 (monthly salary)
Business Intelligence Analyst We are looking for an enthusias...
正職NT$ 90 - 150 (Annual salary)
1. develop offline media strategy including TVC, OOH, road sho...
1. Manage online marketing campaign for key accoun...
1. B2B 開發計畫,與各公司聯繫,推廣 foodpanda 美食企業客戶與外燴服務。 2. 業務陌生開發有訂餐需求企業...
正職NT$ 28,000 - 42,000 (monthly salary)
1. 與各公司聯繫,推廣 foodpanda 美食外送與外燴服務。  2. 外燴現場服務,支...
正職NT$ 28,000 - 33,000 (monthly salary)
1.執行店家對帳作業:包括對帳差異釐清、對帳單查詢更正、發票查詢更正、付款查詢更正 2.執行...
正職NT$ 30,000 - 33,000 (monthly salary)
1. 財產清冊建立及定期與保管人核對。 2. 帳務及管理系統作業,包括折舊提列、報廢及處分等。 3. 固定資產盤點作業。...
正職NT$ 30,000 - 40,000 (monthly salary)
1.固定資產管理 2.辦公室電腦設備及軟體管理。 3.公務器材之使用管理及維護 ...
正職NT$ 30,000 - 40,000 (monthly salary)
1.執行店家對帳作業:包括對帳差異釐清、對帳單查詢更正、發票查詢更正、付款查詢更正 2.執行帳款結算作業:包括依據系統報表...