Kooapps is a mobile game design and development studio. We have over 30 million downloads across iOS, Android, Blackberry and the Windows Phone. We are an indie gaming studio. We work very hard to polish our games because our dream is to create thet global gaming brand. We are just getting started.
Kooapps expanded into Taiwan in search for like minded partners to realize its vision.


Kooapps corp 是一家獨立遊戲工作室, 在美國、台灣、菲律賓都設有公司, 目前公司發行的遊戲已超過3,000萬人次的下載, 我們主要業務在手機遊戲的設計及開發,為了要實現成為全球知名遊戲公司的夢想,我們正努力地朝著這個方向前進.現在正要起飛 !!


Kooapps 在台灣成立的“遊悅科技”為因應組織擴大, 正在尋找志同道合的夥伴,希望一起將玩遊戲的快樂分享到國際的每個角落。歡迎你加入我們行列 !!
If you want to create games and be part of our success - join us.
如果你想要開發遊戲, 一起分享我們的成功, 歡迎加入我們 !!


遊悅科技是一家獨立遊戲工作室 , 主要業務在手機遊戲的設計及開發


● Pictoword (2016 Academics choice smart Media Awardee)

● Light This Up - Learning Math for Circuit Free Flow (榮獲 PGF Annal Award 2014 for best Educational game and also for Most Innovative game)

● Blackjack Casino 2 - Double Down for 21

● Save the Cave: Tower Defense (入圍 Casual Connect SF 2015 )

● Pocket Family: My Fun Dream House

● Sonata - Classical Music Free Radio Player

● Plexiword Free: Fun Guessing Word Brain Teasers

● Word beach

● Pets Race



Why Join Us?
We want to be the forefront of Taiwan game development industry. For this to happen, we need to build games better than Electronic Arts, Zynga, Rovio and other top gaming companies in the world. This is really hard and daunting but it shows that we only want top notch quality in our products.

為什麼要加入我們 ?
我們的夢想是成為第一家從亞洲成功的全球遊戲品牌公司, 並期望能超越Electronic Arts, Zynga, Rovio及其他的世界級遊戲公司, 雖然這是一個很大很艱鉅的任務,但為了達到這個目標,我們一直堅持讓我們的產品保持頂尖的品質


This is what we want to do:
•Build the first global Taiwan gaming brand, one the entire country can be proud of
•Work harder than any other company so we learn more and ship faster
•Make games we are proud to show our family and friends
•When we hear from our customers and see people playing our games, it reminds us what makes us come to work every day. This is how deeply we care about what we make.


  1. 建立一個讓台灣人驕傲的遊戲品牌
  2. 透過不斷的努力, 讓我們學習更多. 效率更快
  3. 做出一個能讓自己驕傲地介紹給親友的遊戲
  4. 當我們看到人們在玩Kooapps 的遊戲時, 它提醒了我們 – 我們必須做我們在意的事情


◆ 交通便捷 - 鄰近頂溪捷運站

◆ 舒適的辦公環境 - 自有辦公室, 無租金成本及搬遷困擾

◆ 分紅 / 配股

  1. 員工紅利 (高比例紅利提撥)
  2. 員工認股

◆ 休閒類

  1. 國內旅遊
  2. 部門聚餐
  3. 盡情的玩遊戲

◆ 制度類

  1. 完整的在職教育訓練

◆ 請 / 休假制度 - 人性化自主管理

◆ 保險類

  1. 依法員工勞保, 健保, 退休金提撥
  2. 員工出差旅平險